Our Relationships

Paraiso 92

Granja El Paraíso-92 is a family farm that produces different varieties such as Java, Bourbon Pink, Geisha, Pacamara, Caturra, Tabi, Castillo, Supremo and Colombia using highly innovative cultivation systems such as terraces, drip irrigation, shady and nutrition calculations in laboratory all aimed at producing a unique coffee that can be verified through the multiple awards obtained.

Kogi Indigenous Farming

Coffee and agroforestry production in the Kogi community is based on the fundamental belief system stewarded by the “Hermanos Mayores” (“Elder Brothers”), as the Kogi call themselves, which is mandated by their spiritual elders, the “Mamos”.

The Kogi coffee practices focus on the conservation as well as the restoration of nature, which are the fundamental principles of the Kogi’s “Law of Origin", or “Law of Knowing”. 

This is the goal of the Mamos, the Kogi indigenous community, and the family of Cabildo Santos: to share their spiritually-driven mission of saving our Mother Earth by protecting the ancestral knowledge that the Kogi carry from millenniums of spiritual evolution, which is now being shared with you, through the experience of drinking the Kogi community’s coffee. 

La Floresta

The Organic Coffee of the Sierra Nevada has become a benchmark of Colombian coffee for the world. For the natives of the Sierra, coffee allows to expand to different corners of the earth its philosophy of harmonious coexistence with nature and a chance to share their stories behind each cup.

Balboa Farm

Balboa, a region known for its scenic beauty, hosts a collection of premium coffee farms, each dedicated to sustainable cultivation practices. In this picturesque locale, coffee beans are carefully nurtured and harvested, embodying the unique flavours of the region. Discover the essence of Balboa in every cup.