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Single Origin - Huila, Colombia

Single Origin - Huila, Colombia

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What Makes Our Huila Green Beans Unique?

  • Single-Origin: These beans are carefully selected from our family-owned farm in Huila, Colombia. Our commitment to single-origin means you're experiencing the pure essence of Huila's coffee culture.
  • Handpicked Perfection: Each bean is meticulously handpicked at its peak ripeness, ensuring optimal flavor and aroma. Our hands-on approach guarantees the highest quality.
  • Direct Sourcing: We bypass middlemen and source our beans directly from the farm, enabling us to maintain quality and traceability while supporting local coffee communities.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Our coffee cultivation follows sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, contributing to a healthier planet.

Taste Profile

Indulge in the exquisite taste of our Huila Roasted Coffee Beans – a symphony of flavors awaits! Revel in the delightful fusion of juicy berries, sweet toffee, and rich caramel notes, harmonized perfectly in every sip. These beans offer a captivating aroma, a well-balanced body, and just the right level of acidity, resulting in a truly exceptional coffee experience. Our unique roast profile amplifies these flavorful nuances, ensuring each cup is an unforgettable delight